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Need a Replacement Switch?

The EasyJakeTM replaces your shift knob skirt and allows you to easily operate your engine brake without pulling your hand off the shifter. Made in the U.S.A. from sturdy polymer plastics, and designed to fit snug around your Eaton Fuller gear shift.(Patent Pending)

To Start an Order you MUST Choose a Switch and/or color of a switch also choose what Finish you prefer either Chrome or Black EasyJake!! To choose a click below.

  • 1 Standard switch is rated for 10,000clicks
  • 1 Toggle Switch Colored LED switches are rated for 50,000 clicks
  • 1 EasyJake shift Skirt
  • 10ft Dual wires
  • 10ft Single wire for ground for lighted toggle switch “Kenworth does reverse polarity on the Trucks”
  • 2 Heat shrink wire connectors.
  • 3 Female heat shrink wire connectors 2 are for the switch/ 1 is positive feed for toggle switch
  • 1 heat shrink O connector for the power hook up for toggle switch
  • 2 screws for installing EasyJake Unit to Eaton Fuller shift knob

Easy Install Takes about 15 to 30 Minutes

Directions on how to hook-up a EasyJake Unit. We Recommend you have a professional to install your EasyJake. This Information is for a Mechanic, we do not take responsibility for any EasyJake Installation this is a guide line your vehicle may be different from our instructions:

Step 1: Replace already existing shift skirt with you new EasyJake Shift Skirt CAUTION: when removing your shift knob be careful not to crack or crimp an airline

Step 2: Run your 10 ft of 16/2 awg wire down the shifter thru the boot and around thru your fire wall. “Leave a little slack at the bottom of the shifter for movement when shifting” Then use zip ties to secure wire.

Step 3: Find your Engine Brake switch On/Off the control console. Run your wires up to the back of the switch. Looking at your switch should have 4 to 8 wires coming out of the back of your switch on the console.

Step 4: Use a light tester. To find the correct wire on the back of your switch, you will find one wire that is Hot all the time DO NOT TOUCH this wire, then you will find a wire that when you flip your SWITCH ON its HOT & SWITCH OFF its COLD this is the wire you Tee into! (If you have a Kenworth they do reverse polarity, so hook you test light up to a Back words to find the correct wires coming out of your switch. Same thing find the wire that turns on/off with your switch, also some Newer Petebiltss and Freightliners have a hot wire going in and reverse polarity going out, so if you find constant hot and then nothing when you flip your switch probably reverse polarity going out..)

Step 5: Tee into the wire that goes HOT & COLD when you flip your switch on the control console. DO NOT Tee into the wire that is CONSTANTLY HOT! Next crimp your wire connectors and hook-up to switch. (Follow Diagram On the Down Below) Red Wire to Power outlet, Black wire to Accessory.

Step 6: Run your 10 ft 16/1 awg wire to ground out for your light on your EasyJake switch, (Connect to the Brass connector). Again Kenworth is Reverse Polarity! (Only comes with Lighted switches). The Ground is the brass connector!

5 reviews

  1. EasyJake

    We give it 5 stars of course!!!

  2. Jesus Garcia

    Looking for Chrome with blue switch

  3. Justin Forman

    Yep it’s bad ass!

  4. Tom McArdle

    Does this hook up to the back of the jake on off switch on the dash???

  5. Jeff

    Waiting on chrome! Want it for my lift axles…

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