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Our Story

Growing up my Dad was Trucker... long haul, dump, garbage, hay, log truck, you name it. if there was a truck, bus, whatever, he drove it. Taught me everything, I could park trailer at 10 years old and had my CDL by 21. My family then purchased a Heavy Duty Tow Truck company in Northern California called Clayton’s Heavy Duty Towing. Thats when the fun began. We helped people on their bad days trying our best not to make it worse. We got drivers out of bad situations, towed all kinds of trucks, equipment, even cleaned up wrecks on roadways.  We bought an Old Freightliner for Landall Work and thats where the EasyJake story began. 

On the shifter was an ugly clamp holding a toggle switch used for Engine Brake operation. We talked for years about how handy that was and how somebody needed to take it to market. So after some time sitting in the driver seat I decided I could probably clean it up maybe somebody would buy it. I traveled the country going to truck shows sleeping in the bed of my pickup for 2 summers straight, with the sole purpose of showing off the EasyJake Product and hopefully get some interest. It took off and quickly sold over 10K units, It made it onto the Discovery Channel, and jsut when things started to get exciting I was in a hit and run accident, major head trauma, broken neck and collarbone, body in pain. Human vs car, car wins every time. With me incapacitated, my family had to shut the operation down just to figure out how to get it back up again. Luckily my family is a good smart group of people and after a couple months had taken care of my distributors and proceded to keep EasyJake alive for my next 2 years of intense recovery. I still to this day deal with the longterm affects of my accident but now...

I'm back as healthy as ever and trucking right along. I'm proud to say we've joined up with United Pacific Industries Commercial Truck Division and EasyJake's online store & Chrome Shop is online and taking orders.

We now plan to open a store front in Reno, Nevada and with every purchase you make at easyjake.com helps my family get closer to a long time dream.

Our Products

Our product EasyJake was made so you can use a switch for the engine brake, headlight, fog lights, taillights, moose lights, lift axle, front bumper lifts, and much more. We stand by our product and we are proud of it. You will love using EasyJake!

Easy Jake was made by Trucker for Truckers.

If you have any problems ordering online, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (775) 433-7250.